iQbusiness grade internet solutions


Starting at as little as $15 per month.

Purchasing, operating and maintaining an IT infrastructure that can provide world-class hosting services to your organization is an expensive endeavour. It requires a large upfront investment, maintenance costs and, in many cases, extra staffing requirements. Furthermore, managing your own hosting services can distract key personnel from focusing on business objectives.

Avoid the excess costs and headaches by making the move to Managed Hosting from IQ. With managed hosting services, you can transfer the responsibility of managing day-to-day, IT-related operations as a strategic method for improved productivity.


Managed Hosting from iQ offers turnkey IT services delivered in one of our state-of-the-art data centres. iQ data centres feature a world-class infrastructure that guarantees maximum availability and optimum scalability – drastically reducing the risk of downtime and improving business continuity.

  • All necessary hardware

  • Access to an extremely stable, highly secure and fully redundant computing power and storage architecture

  • Software licences (Windows, Red Hat, SQL, MySQL, etc.)

  • 24/7 installation, monitoring and support services

  • Access to value-added services such as security and backup

IQ professional services

iQ has the expertise to help you meet all of your data centre requirements. After assessing your IT needs, our professional services team can help you plan and execute your physical or virtual transition to a data centre solution.

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