iQbusiness grade internet solutions

Switched Ethernet

Starting at as little as $15 per month.

What is Switched Ethernet?

To help your people work more effectively across multiple locations, you need to link up remote local networks in a single, cohesive communications solution. iQ Switched Ethernet – designed for organizations that are currently using Ethernet connectivity – reduces the cost and complexity of maintaining multiple independent local area networks (LANs) within a centrally administered wide area network (WAN).

iQ Reliability

iQ Switched Ethernet is a low-latency, high-bandwidth service that allows smooth, dependable sharing of information and applications – including voice over IP, email, file transfers, real-time database queries and shared Internet access. With all of these business tools available across multiple LANs, everyone can work more productively. What’s more, Switched Ethernet provides superior scalability and lower-cost data transfers compared to private-line services – making those productivity gains easy to justify at the bottom line.


Built to grow

Offering full virtual private network support, iQ Switched Ethernet lets you build a unified Ethernet WAN that grows and changes as your organization does.


Easily add or remove branches across your network. You can quickly add bandwidth capacity to match the demands of new users and business initiatives.

Easy To Use

Support complex web-based applications, including access to real-time data and search engines.


Integrate end-user devices such as IP phones, IP cameras, RFID (radio-frequency identification) readers and point-of-sale terminals.


Conveniently manage your own IP addresses and routing protocol.


Establish non-IP Layer 3 protocols such as SNA, IPX/SPX and DECnet

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